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08 August 2006 @ 01:40 am
I adore Danny Messer, because he's so delightfully flawed. With the past/background he most of all people can't forget and his need to prove himself. Plus he makes the perfect 'victim'.

Stealth Dragon is taking advantage of this and sends him through the mangler in her story The Skinning of Danny Messer. On a serial killer case, partnered up with a cop that is even less liked than Danny has his work cut for him. When things start to go wrong and Danny gets hurt... the real fun is about to start. At least for the reader.

While it isn't slash - not every story can be perfect - it still is great fun to anyone who enjoys a good torture. With its 23 chapters it's also of a decent length to keep the interested reader entertained for a while.
08 August 2006 @ 01:36 am
crack!fic is the best. seriously. and mardia 's What Happens In Vegas and the sequel Wedded Bliss should come with a health warning. Because that you're going to pull a muscle or two while reading this is practically a fact. Lack of oxygen due to too much laughing might also be a problem.

Danny & Martin... in Vegas (and no, this isn't a CSI Crossover even if I'm still hoping for one of those). Spiked drinks (club soda only for Danny, of course) and Jack can't stop laughing.

The sequel is even worse... Danny meet the family. Family meet Danny. Mother hold the fork!
08 August 2006 @ 01:34 am
What you don't know Toby Arcane? Where have you been during season three? That number that Toby did on Warrick with the spike? All that finger sucking? *yummy*

kentucka did the only right thing to do, she slashed them... and how well she did that! She gifted the still way too small CSI slash fandom with two delicious hot PWPs. You get a bit of light bondage, mind/power games, humor, magic and sex of course. With a sweet surprise in the second one.

So go to her site and read "Abra Cadabra" & "Hocus Pocus".
08 August 2006 @ 01:06 am
I started on a new fandom. yay! me. Luckily I happened on a good story right at the beginning of my venture into the Without a Trace fandom.

Caroline Crane's That Midnight Hour is a sweet short story with just a hint of h/c. With no sex at all and a rating of PG it's rather harmless and I'm not entirely sure what's with this story - it just got to me.

My summary: Martin weaks up in the hospital, with no idea how he got there...
Author's summary: New Year's Eve in the recovery room.

If you follow the story link you'll get to the Pretty FBI Boys - dannymartin.com archive. It's worth a look.
08 August 2006 @ 01:05 am
In my opinion is Remus/Sirius one of the hardest (no pun intended) pairings to write in the HP fandom, which is why I think I wasn't able to find one R/S I truly loved... until now.

Stealing Harry by Sam is one of this stories you will forgive nearly everything. It's charming, funny and balances the h/c part very very well.

It's a "what if" that starts from scratch and re-tells the whole story of Harry Potter anew for us, without changing the parts that made the books what they are. In my opinion Sam even does a better job than JKR in handling Harry's youth. A hard childhood is fine with me, it certainly shapes a character, but I never really liked the way Harry's was described in the books, esp. since they were meant as children's books in first place.

In "Stealing Harry" Sirius never get's to Peter and therefore isn't framed for murder, neither (but Lucius Malfoy). Instead he spends his time watching over Harry from afar. But as his godfather he can't stay aside and let the Dursley's keep up with abusing Harry for too long. That's when the stealing part comes into play.

What I love most about this fic is the way the relationship between Remus and Sirius develops... slowly and carefully. That makes it all the more sweeter when it happens.
What surprised me most was Snape: still the sneaky bastard we all love and hate alike but he isn't blind either. He sees Harry as the extraordinary child that he is and gives him the attention such a child needs. Which doesn't mean he stops hating James and Sirius or act like a true Slytherin.

Sam even wrote several sequels... yay!
08 August 2006 @ 12:56 am
Finally I found it! A fic in which Faramir isn't a wimp!
I do see him as a sensible and thoughtful man who even risks his own life in hope to finally gain the long wanted love of his father, but I can't imagine him crying endlessly and lamenting on any wrongness that might happen to him. Sadly that's how I found him characterized in many fics I've read these past days. I may enjoy h/c stories very much but the one getting hurt shouldn't be truly weak.

Seems like Camilla agrees with me one that. In My Justice she describes a Faramir who is still scorned by his father, who only speaks with disdain of his younger son. But let me quote just one passage:

"It doesn't bother you?" he asked.

"My dear, Elf." Faramir said. "I may have a soft heart, but I do know my own worth...even if *he* doesn't see it..."

The story? Oh well... a time before Fellowship. Haldir is visiting Minas Tirith to do trade with Gondor for his Queen. And while Denethor is his usual nasty self, Haldir learns that not all sons resemble their father.
08 August 2006 @ 12:43 am
meteOros by Kellie Matthews

Lex at his best and Clark is anything but naive. He's the one doing the seducing here. Clark proves that he knows his Lex, knows which buttons to push and what's going on in Lex's head. But that doesn't mean Lex is seduced easily or that he lets Clark play him like he wants.
I love the dialogues, especially Lex's sentences. But Clark has his moments, too...

Clark laughed. "Kitten? Never. Snow leopard." He leaned forward and let his lips touch Lex's stomach briefly. "Saw one once, at the Metropolis zoo," he said against his skin. "You remind me of him. Beautiful. Bored. Frustrated. Annoyed. Caged. Dangerous."

Lex shuddered, completely disconcerted by the analogy. He forced a laugh, stifling the urge to grab his clothes and run. "Dangerous?"

Clark looked up at him again and smiled that sly smile that sometimes came out and surprised Lex. "You telling me you don't have claws? And teeth?"

More fics like this and I might even start to like Clark after all.
08 August 2006 @ 12:34 am
Ghosts by Kitty Fisher.

I'm not totally happy with this fic but want to recommend it nonetheless because I think besides one point (which maybe only I see as a failure) it's still good written, interesting and a feast for every h/c fan.

Drunken and driven by hatred, Lionel drops by Lex to have a little "talk". It's Clark who picks up the pieces afterwards.

Usually I avoid incest fics but SV seems to have a bad influence on me. ::sigh:: Well, as long as it's non-con I'm okay with it. (wired logic, I know). What I like about this story is Lex's way to deal with everything that happens. He isn't untouchable but neither is he broken. Even Clark isn't totally naive...

spoilerish rantCollapse )
08 August 2006 @ 12:33 am
Triptych: Rapture by Eliza is a crossover of, I kid you not, Smallville and The Boondock Saints...

When I started reading this fic I didn't know which SV character was involved. Had I known beforehand that it was Clark, I would have missed a good story. I'm not a big fan of Clark

The Saints come to Metropolis and meet RedKrypotnite!Clark in a bar... sounds lame and unlikely but Eliza managed to construct a decent fic with a bit plot and hot steamy sex. So I can forgive her that it was Clark and not Lex who spent the night with the McManus brothers. -.-

One little warning for the those who aren't that familiar with BDS... this is brother!slash aka incest! Two brothers having sex with each other. Clear enough?
08 August 2006 @ 12:22 am
Never Mine by Seshat tries to give an answer for Squalls insanity. (at least that's what I call his behaviour!) The real reason why he all of the sudden developed feelings for Rinoa.

After the world is safe again, Rinoa and Squall talk about what happened between them. Told from Rinoa's POV we can see Squall thru her eyes and even if I hate that girl I can't argue with her taste in men ;) Her description of Squall is beautiful.

This fanfic is no great piece of art and has no in depth characterizations but smoothes the way for future FF8 yaoi without throwing canon totally overboard.

It hints on a existing relationship of Squall and another man but scine no name is given everything is up to your imagination. If you want to know whom the author intended as the mysterious lover, read the sequels here. Personally I could've wished for a different paring...